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Bequeath your wealth

The primary purpose of a Will is to lay out the manner in which you wish to distribute your wealth after your death. You are the 'testator' and the persons to whom you distribute your wealth in the Will are called 'beneficiaries'. You name an 'executor' in the Will to carry out your stated wishes.

Take care of your minors

You can name a guardian in your Will and even a 'back up' guardian for each of your minor children. Clear directions in the Will can help the guardian take care of your minor child in line with your wishes.

Prevent family disputes

One of the key reasons for making a Will is to ensure that there is no argument about who inherits your wealth after your death. When people die without making a Will, there usually are disputes amongst close family members.

Avoid hassles for loved ones

The absence of a Will may tie up your assets in a court process just at the time when your loved ones need them the most. More commonly, your close family may not even be aware of some of the assets simply because they may be held singly by you. Making a strong Will can help avoid such hassles for your loved ones.

Simple Process

Making a Will is simple. You need to name the beneficiaries for your assets and give other directions on plain paper, sign the document and have at least two witnesses sign. You can write a Will yourself or hire a lawyer to write it for you. Most people prefer having a lawyer draft the Will because they are unsure about mistakes they may make. WillSecure is now a great option if you want confidentiality combined with a comprehensive and 'legally strong' document.


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