It is simple to renew your account at WillSecure. You need to purchase a renewal e-token to revise a single Will. We also allow for purchase of multiple renewal e-tokens with a single payment in case you wish to also pay for some of your family members, say your spouse or your father, who have already made their Wills on using the WillSecure platform and now want to revise them. Once you make a purchase, each person for whom you have bought a renewal e-token will receive an activation link at their respective email addresses registered with us; simply click on it to get started.

Each renewal e-token costs just Rs. 4,500.00/- , excluding applicable taxes, if any, and gives you access to revise your Will for a three month period from the date of re-activation of your account. As you would be aware, you can enjoy the following powerful features of WillSecure during this period:

Revise and review any number of Will drafts (all drafts are preserved)
Ask us any operational or Will related question at any time while revising your Will using our online ‘Ask Us’ feature.
Our intelligent platform will help prevent unnecessary mistakes with automatic alerts. What’s more, all key alerts will also be sent to you along with your revised Will document.

Once the three month period is over and as before, you continue to enjoy access to your account to update your information at any time. Whenever you need to revise your Will again, simply Renew your account for another three months.

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